Associate Pastor Call Update

At our January Voter’s Meeting it was decided that we would call from the field for our Associate Pastor position.

At the February Church Council Meeting the Church Council will begin discussion on how they will form a call team that accurately represents the demographics of our Family of Believers.

If the Lord has put on your heart the willingness to be considered for this Call team please contact Pastor Koglin ( or 289-5147).

Through the month of January, church staff will be working on a ministry description to be presented to Elders and Church Council in February.

The most important action you can do right now is to pray. Pray that the Lord will use this call process to continue bringing clarity in purpose, excitement in mission, and unity in our Family of Believers.



2017 Stewardship Theme!

A family of believers sharing the fullness of God’s blessing.


November 5/6– We will observe “All Saints Day” and kick off out Fall stewardship theme. You will again see stars hung around the sanctuary to celebrate the eternal life of those saints that have gone before us. Many of those saints shared the fullness of God’s blessings in their lives with us!

November 12/13– “Loyalty Sunday” you will receive a mailing that will allow you to prayerfully consider how you can financially support the ministry of Redeemer.

November 19/20– “Dedication Celebration” This Sunday we will receive the financial commitments of the congregation and celebrate  that ministry God will accomplish through these gifts.

November 23/24– We will come together as a family of believers to worship together on Wednesday Nov. 23 and on Thanksgiving Day.

November Events!

The Redeemer Youth Group has a lot of exciting servant opportunities coming up in November!

Feed My Starving Children is going to be a PYROS event on Nov. 11! Everyone is encouraged to bring their family and friends to the event. Look for more details and the sign up on the youth bulletin board!

The youth is also having a servant opportunity at Texas Roadhouse on Nov. 15th! The youth will earn 10% on your bill to help fund the youth ministry for UKANDU Chicago. All you need to do is give the waiter an flyer (that can be found on the youth bulletin board) and then enjoy your meal!


Indy and Anna Jones: Cave Quest

Indy and Anna Jones

This week we followed Indy and Anna Jones as they explored a cave in search of Lieutenant Lux Uri’s hidden treasure….

On the first day Ind and Anna are in the cave when suddenly they hear a cry for help! It’s Sal, the Salamander and he’s stuck in a hole! Indy and Anna rescue him and Sal helps them on their journey in exchange for saving his life. Throughout their journey they discover that there’s ghosts in the cave! Sal is unsure about what will happen to him after death but Indy and Anna assure Sal that if you believe in God you are guaranteed a spot in heaven! This gives Sal hope for the future.


On Tuesday Indy and Anna follow Sal’s directions but end up unsure of where they are. Mawtha comes to their aid and agrees to lead them through the tunnels. They stop to rest and get Mawtha’s story. Mawtha tells Indy and Anna that God was there for him when he needed him and gave him the courage to be the bug he wanted to be. However, Mawtha was easily distracted and gets everyone lost…


By the grace of God the next day they find Mawtha’s friend, Radar who can get them back on track with his hearing. It took Radar a while to warm up to the duo but eventually agreed to help them out. Radar explains how God gave him  certain gifts to help him with direction. Since Radar is nocturnal, they had to stop and rest for a bit but while they we’re sleeping someone stole their map!!


They find their way back to the river with Radar’s help. The next day they get lost without Radar’s help, luckily they run into Oliver. Oliver is an ex-spy and knows every inch of the caves. He agrees to help them because Renee (the one who stole their map) is planning on demolishing the cave tunnels with the treasure money. Oliver wants to use alternative tactics to stop Renee but Indy and Anna convince him to let them try and talk Renee down from her plan. They succeed when they teach Renee what loving your neighbors really looks like and explain to her the repercussions of her actions.


After Oliver leaves them they find themselves stumbling around the darkest part of the cave without a light to guide them. Suddenly they see a light in the distance that turns out to be Ray the glow worm who helps lead them to the treasure! Ray, Indy and Anna teach Renee the difference between good and bad kinds of power. They also explain how, even though everyone has special powers that God gives them God is the most powerful and has a plan for all his children.


Indy and Anna Jones: Cave Explorers

For many weeks leading up to VBS  we have been teasing this year’s skit, the Adventures of Indy and Anna Jones. Now that VBS is almost upon us we can tell you a little bit more about our dynamic duo.

Indy and Anna Jones are sisters descended from the one and only Indiana Jones! (That’s quite a lot to live up to!!) Indy and Anna are cave explorers just like their dad and this week they are exploring he deep tunnels under Savannah, Georgia.

Georgia has some of the deepest and oldest tunnels in the whole world! Mix that with it’s rich history and culture and it makes for one wild ride.

Indy and Anna are in search of Lieutenant Lux Uri’s buried treasure. Lieutenant Uri was a commander in the Civil War but before he was deployed he buried his fortune deep beneath his mansion. To this day, no one has ever found it, that is, until Indy and Anna take a crack at it….


It’s a strange thing to look out into a sea of people and know so few. It’s even stranger to be sitting in the back of the crowd, monitoring instead of letting it engulf you. Being an adult instead of a youth.

I am 20. Too old to be a youth, but not old enough to have full adult responsibilities. I used to be good at being a youth. Despite my dislike of crowds, I used to be good at giving myself over to them. Being one with the people around me, whether I knew them or not.

But I can’t do that anymore. I am not an silly tween nor am I a carefree teenager. I have responsibilities, anxieties and prejudices that hold me back from trusting just anyone.  I can’t go back to that carefreeness of being a youth but I’m not yet ready to be selfless enough to become an adult leader. This puts me in an interesting position.

So, here I am. On the outskirts. But that’s ok. I’ve always enjoyed the outskirts.

I sit watching people let themselves go, give themselves up but I’m somehow out of the moment. Which sounds crazy because I’m right there with them. I’m doing everything they’re doing.

In order to find my place in these events again after graduation, I had to remove myself from them. In the beginning I thought it was necessary. In order to get respect from the people who have seen me grow up, I thought that my only choice was to remove myself and it worked.

However, I now know that removing myself doesn’t mean rejoicing or believing any less. It’s just where I fit. It’s where I’m comfortable. I know that these things are always about “pushing your boundaries” or  whatever but the truth is there’s nothing I hate the most than pushing my social boundaries.

If what we’re supposed to do it give up our baggage than here’s mine: I’m  a workaholic, whether it’s running a social media campaign, writing VBS scripts or taking painfully long shifts at my real job, I am a workaholic. I’m a control freak. Everything has to be planned to the minute or I WILL have a fit. I’m an introvert, which is why I’d rather snap and post pictures of other people having fun than actually engage in it myself. That sentence sounded sad, but it’s not. Too much interaction makes me physically tired.

My biggest bag is that I love my baggage. It’s what keeps me going. How do I give it up? Especially since I’ve gained so much more since the last time I let go.