Jesus’s Love Through Kids

Can I be completely honest for a minute here?

Like, totally honest.


The idea of spending five days, three hours each day (and really early in the day, might I add) with a bunch of wild, energetic, crazy little kids sounds utterly exhausting. I mean, it wasn’t that long ago when I was that young, so I do still remember being absolutely crazy with energy myself, but since I’ve aged just a couple of years since my VBS-attending years, I’ve noticed my tendencies to act like a bear in the morning. This means that if anyone crosses my path before noon, there is a likely chance that I will either respond in grunts and very basic language, or I will be extremely grumpy. This is not at all like I was when I was younger when I could wake up at the crack of dawn with no problems whatsoever.

This is a recipe for disaster when they tell you you’re supposed to be cheerful with kids. Cheerful???? How am I supposed to be cheerful??? 

Did I also mention that I did Spotlight VBS this year? Spotlight VBS is where we take the bible story/lesson from the day and combine it with pictures to create a fun way to remind kids of what they learned in the day. The kids love seeing themselves on the screen so it’s something they really enjoy, but it requires a lot of energy.

From the moment I pulled out my camera and asked for some of the first pictures of the day, however, my spirit was lightened immediately. These kids not only have energy in general, but they have the ability to rub off that energy too. Day after day, I watched as these kids began to recognize me and get excited as they realized that if the photographer was around, that meant that they could get in on the slideshow. Seeing them excited over something I worked to do make me excited. That made me realize something pretty key- VBS is not just about adults and leaders teaching the kids about VBS- it’s also about the kids teaching us about Jesus.

I found Jesus in the hearts of every kid’s smile at VBS this week. I found that love of Christ every time they would get excited when I would ask for their pictures. I found God in these children every time I would hear their quiet murmurs as they saw themselves on the screens while I read the bible verse. These kids have that energy for God that is easy to spread, and boy did it spread to me. I got more and more excited to see the kids each day, and was saddened when it was over.

I guess the gist of it is this:

Adults are sooooo not the only ones who can worship God. Kids can love God and show his love too, and that is the number one most beautiful thing about VBS, even though we all might be a little in need of caffeine.




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