Indy and Anna Jones: Cave Quest

Indy and Anna Jones

This week we followed Indy and Anna Jones as they explored a cave in search of Lieutenant Lux Uri’s hidden treasure….

On the first day Ind and Anna are in the cave when suddenly they hear a cry for help! It’s Sal, the Salamander and he’s stuck in a hole! Indy and Anna rescue him and Sal helps them on their journey in exchange for saving his life. Throughout their journey they discover that there’s ghosts in the cave! Sal is unsure about what will happen to him after death but Indy and Anna assure Sal that if you believe in God you are guaranteed a spot in heaven! This gives Sal hope for the future.


On Tuesday Indy and Anna follow Sal’s directions but end up unsure of where they are. Mawtha comes to their aid and agrees to lead them through the tunnels. They stop to rest and get Mawtha’s story. Mawtha tells Indy and Anna that God was there for him when he needed him and gave him the courage to be the bug he wanted to be. However, Mawtha was easily distracted and gets everyone lost…


By the grace of God the next day they find Mawtha’s friend, Radar who can get them back on track with his hearing. It took Radar a while to warm up to the duo but eventually agreed to help them out. Radar explains how God gave him  certain gifts to help him with direction. Since Radar is nocturnal, they had to stop and rest for a bit but while they we’re sleeping someone stole their map!!


They find their way back to the river with Radar’s help. The next day they get lost without Radar’s help, luckily they run into Oliver. Oliver is an ex-spy and knows every inch of the caves. He agrees to help them because Renee (the one who stole their map) is planning on demolishing the cave tunnels with the treasure money. Oliver wants to use alternative tactics to stop Renee but Indy and Anna convince him to let them try and talk Renee down from her plan. They succeed when they teach Renee what loving your neighbors really looks like and explain to her the repercussions of her actions.


After Oliver leaves them they find themselves stumbling around the darkest part of the cave without a light to guide them. Suddenly they see a light in the distance that turns out to be Ray the glow worm who helps lead them to the treasure! Ray, Indy and Anna teach Renee the difference between good and bad kinds of power. They also explain how, even though everyone has special powers that God gives them God is the most powerful and has a plan for all his children.



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