Indy and Anna Jones: Cave Explorers

For many weeks leading up to VBS  we have been teasing this year’s skit, the Adventures of Indy and Anna Jones. Now that VBS is almost upon us we can tell you a little bit more about our dynamic duo.

Indy and Anna Jones are sisters descended from the one and only Indiana Jones! (That’s quite a lot to live up to!!) Indy and Anna are cave explorers just like their dad and this week they are exploring he deep tunnels under Savannah, Georgia.

Georgia has some of the deepest and oldest tunnels in the whole world! Mix that with it’s rich history and culture and it makes for one wild ride.

Indy and Anna are in search of Lieutenant Lux Uri’s buried treasure. Lieutenant Uri was a commander in the Civil War but before he was deployed he buried his fortune deep beneath his mansion. To this day, no one has ever found it, that is, until Indy and Anna take a crack at it….


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